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We look at all your information you sent too us and we lay it out on paper, looking at the best information to display first. We then piece it together into a draft site.

We order your chosen domain name, we register your site on our Host.


Site design

Depending on your Business, your theme we begin to place it all together with your text and logo etc, We are looking at the site size now, its loading time. You don't want a slow loading site, So we must optimize the Images and and graphics. With a mobile its much more complex and we need to get the first page size down to less than 10kb

We now bring the site together. We run test to see if the download and up load speed is good. We now publish your site to the host. We add all the links/google maps/etc that you have requested

1.We e mail you the Draft Link.

2. You must comment and ask changes (by e mail only, (no mix ups this way)

3. We make your changes.

4. We e mail you again and await comments.

Once you are happy we are ready to publish


We now submit your site to over 10,000 engines and directories, world wide. This will take a few months to show up as useful back links which will help your site get noticed and show in search.

You can now spread the word that your are online. Mail every one with your address, put it on your cards and logo and letter heads. Get the link on your Facebook and all social network sites and blogs.

Good luck. We can always make small changes, no problem. Like wise you can add pages as you need. @ $25 page (see order page)

First draft, edit, Optimize

The site design



We now add many google codes, site links, page links and publish your site. At the moment your site is lost amongst billions of others. We submit site maps to Google, Bing, Yahoo. Other codes that you do not see but are important for search engines to find you. We now add the all the important key words which will be the most way Engines/clients find you.

Your site is now Complete. The final step is submission to engines and directories. Over 10,000  submissions in all


Submit to Engines

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Our Web site include 1 Years free Hosting This is worth over $75

Second and third year hosting is just $25 per year


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